Proven compliance practices and superior collection and recovery processes deliver spectacular improvements in revenue performance.  Risk Analysis in multiple dimensions enables agencies to differentiate between debtors, optimise automated recovery processes for low risk, compliant debtors, and determine the best intervention for less-compliant debtors earlier in the compliance and collection process.

The Risk Analysis and Selection capabilities of SOLON TAX accurately identify deviant and potentially non-compliant customers and prioritize the appropriate intervention cases ensuring that resources are utilized where the most benefit (monetary or policy based) can be obtained, and cases that are uneconomic to pursue are identified and dealt with accordingly. The risk analysis component can incorporate advanced analytics and predictive models to provide insight to behaviour, a client’s ability to pay, and payment risk using debt delinquency metrics.

SOLON TAX provides configurable best-practice support for all intervention and enforcement cases and includes comprehensive Audit tools.

Take advantage of developments in technology and analytics to enhance operations and increase compliance, while reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your customers to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and therefore improving voluntary compliance.

Apply differentiated interventions to customers with delinquent payments or late-filing based on risk outcomes and optimize agency resources to focus on cases with the greatest Return on Investment.