The Netcompany-Intrasoft Collections and Revenue Management Solution

SOLON TAX comprises an integrated set of highly configurable, best-for-purpose, taxation applications developed specifically for public sector revenue authorities, namely:

  • The SOLON TAX Revenue Management component provides one of the industry’s most robust and flexible tax processing capabilities, able to support high volume and high availability processing needs. This specialised, highly configurable Tax & Revenue Management solution offers flexible support for all core taxation requirements.
  • Core operations are complemented by the fully integrated SOLON TAX Self-Service portal which provides an extensive range of taxpayer and tax agent services. This includes processing of taxpayer registration forms, filing of tax returns, viewing account details and making payments, making applications for clearance certificates etc. Services may be restricted to enrolled users or made available to the public. 
  • The SOLON TAX Compliance Solution (internationally known as ESKORT) provides complete, integrated coverage of the risk management, compliance and enforcement domain. This solution has been developed and enhanced in close collaboration with Revenue Authorities throughout the world.
  • The performance monitoring and analysis functionality provided through the pre-configured SOLON TAX Analytics component of our solution allows agencies to specify their strategic objectives, decide which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should be used to measure their performance, gather data, monitor performance and revise objectives based on results to present agency wide performance reports to the executives. Advanced Analytics capabilities provide predictive models which can be invoked during risk analysis.